Today was pretty awful because my car did some crazy stuff and my grandma didn’t answer the phone until way later but while i was waiting for her i bought some cute stuff!

Wore my new princess Tiana top!

It’s from Hot Topic!


The jacket i’ve been thirsting over for a million years finally arrived looool!

It’s transparent and it says Doll in the front and barbie in the back

Jacket is from Forever 21!

 Modeled swimwear for the premier of Palomar Live today!
My boyfriend came over for the weekend and we met up with my friend bree and her friend bill and had a ton of fun and did lots of shopping again lol!
P.A.T.F. + corpse bride tops: Hot topic
Pumpkin marshmallow comfort: Bath and Body works 
brushes blotting papers and makeup remover: Forever 21
Purchases made today! the top box on the left: Forever 21
bottom left: forever 21
top right: sanrio surprises
bottom right: Disney store
 today was really fun!